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Ace of Cups - Big Love Energy

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

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Embodied Energy: Love, Compassion, Self-Love, Healthy Relationships, Renewal, Healing, Emotional Awareness

The Ace of Cups

This is such a beautiful, heartwarming card and always seems to pop up when I need it the most. With the Ace of Cups, you are being offered the gift of Love from the Divine/the Universe. Will you accept it? The suit of Cups embodies emotions, compassion, love and relationships, and with this being the first card in the suit, the Ace of Cups offers you new beginnings, new love, or even a new sense of love for yourself. Notice the big emphasis on new.

This is not a manifestation of romantic love in particular (but it can be!) Your new feelings of connection can be manifested in many different ways, helping you to build the base of a healthy relationship with yourself, others and the Universe. When you're gifted a new sense of emotional connection, how can you not smile and be grateful? As corny or cliche as it may sound, pulling the Ace of Cups is a message for you to look inwards, and to recognize the beauty, compassion and love that is always accessible within.

Inviting Ace of Cups energy into your life opens your heart and embodies the state of Love itself, so it's no surprise that the Ace of Cups sits in your Anahata (Heart) Chakra. When the Heart Chakra is balanced, you give and receive love freely, you are compassionate, you easily forgive and find it easy to empathize. Welcoming in the Ace of Cups is being honest with yourself and recognizing if you have been trying to pour from an empty cup. Do you find yourself easily burnt out? Do you feel like you don't receive the same amount of love that you give? Is it hard for you to see things from other people's perspectives? Are you in need of some self-care, whether that be vegging out on the couch or taking a spa day? If you answered yes to any of those questions–The Ace of Cups is here to help and offers you the ability to recognize that you are worthy of all the love you give.

Working with Crystal Magick:

Crystals are directly from the Earth, so it only makes sense that they are conduits for healing. Although you can’t feel it, they quite literally “vibrate” & emit a range of energizing, positive, uplifting, & calming vibrations to help you achieve a more peaceful, balanced state of being. Each beautiful stone has unique emotional, spiritual, & physical healing properties, so they can support you in all your endeavors while also growing the connection between mind, body, and spirit.

Be sure to cleanse Crystals before working with them. This can be done by burying them, laying them on another cleansing Crystal (like Selenite), doing a smoke cleanse with Palo Santo or another cleansing herb. If you decide to cleanse with water, please make sure that your particular Crystal is water safe.

Here's how you can work with & benefit from the healing energy of Crystals:

*Wear as jewelry

*Hold stone in hand when extra support is needed

*Keep it in your pocket or your bra for all day support

*Use during meditation or yoga

*Place them throughout your spaces with intention (Ex: I keep Smoky Quartz & Red Aragonite on my work desk to keep me grounded & to ward off negative energy)

Crystals that Embody Ace of Cups Energy:

Lepidolite: Helps balance moods, Eases anxiety & negative emotions, Promotes emotional healing, inner peace & harmony, Helps clear the Heart, Third Eye and Crown Chakras which are the Chakras that connect with the divine & help you accept their gift of Love.

Rose Quartz: Also known as the "Heart Stone," Soothes emotional healing, peace, unconditional love & friendship, Inspires compassion, Emits strong vibrations of love, Supports the Heart Chakra by helping release emotions, removing negativity & emotional blocks.

Moss Agate: Promotes growth, emotional balance/stability & inner tranquility, Helps you feel more connected to the world & nature, Encourages love to flow abundantly by clearing any blockages in the Heart Chakra.

Aventurine: Helps release old patterns making room for new growth, optimism & pure heart opening, Brings confidence, Urges you to embrace change/new opportunities, Invokes courage & peace of mind, Heals on all levels (spiritual, physical, mental, emotional), Helps balance the Heart Chakra.

Working with Herbal Magick

The actions of herbs that heal the physical body often coincide with their essences and heal the spiritual body. Thus, healing you from the inside out. Connecting, working, and healing with the help of a plant allies' essence (spiritual property) is what we resonate and connect with deeply. However, the incredible physical benefits of consuming and using plants topically just can't be ignored. Below you can find a list of herbs with their physical actions, spiritual essences, and magical uses to help you embody the Ace of Cups.

All of the herbs listed here can be found in our Ace of Cups Handcrafted Organic Herbal Blend.

Oat Straw

Herbal Actions: Tonic, Nervine, Aphrodisiac, Adaptogen, Demulcent

We are extremely biased when it comes to Oatstraw, as it is one of our top 3 favorite herbal allies and we drink a 32 oz infusion daily. The modest Oatstraw plant is often overlooked because it's, well…boring some could say (‘some' clearly don't know that Oatstraw works as an aphrodisiac, but we'll get into that later). Oatstraw is the same place you get your morning bowl of heart healthy oats, and those benefits occur throughout the whole plant. Its earthy, with a mild sweetness that makes it refreshing on a warm day. Needless to say, at this point we <3 Oatstraw.

Oatstraw is extremely high in Silica and Calcium, so it's great to drink for support in healing from sprains or broken bones. It is a tonic & calming nervine which means it supports and calms the nervous system. Oatstraw also subdues the nervous system's response to inflammation and pain.

As an aphrodisiac, Oatstraw supports the function of the endocrine system which sets the stage to get your hormones flowing. It increases pleasure sensitivity and supports sexual performance by assisting blood flow to the pelvis.

Oatmeal and Oatstraw have the same benefits when used topically and act as a calming agent- making it great for sensitive skin. Use in a bath to soothe and hydrate irritated skin.

Oatstraw Magick

Oatstraw invokes inner peace spiritually, as it does physically. Use in the form of a ritual bath to invoke inner peace and enhance mental clarity. Oatstraw is also known to draw money to the person who wears it in a talisman.


Herbal Actions: Nervine, Adaptogen, Antispasmodic, Heart tonic

Rooibos, also known as Redbush, is unique because it is indigenous to South Africa’s mountainous region of Cederberg, where it still thrives today. Rooibos is a teacher, reminding us gently to balance our speaking with turning inward and listening.

Do you get the nervous cramps before public speaking? Drinking Roobis tea is great for your stomach as it is an antispasmodic agent, which means it is powerful in easing stomach cramps and abdominal pains.

Due to its high flavonoid levels, soaking in a bath of Rooibos tea is ideal for soothing inflamed skin caused by eczema or other skin conditions & sunburn.

Rooibos Magick

Rooibos can be used in dream work, & magick dealing with grounding, inner peace & justice.


Herbal Actions: Alterative, Astringent, Nervine, Nutritive Tonic, Antibacterial

Ahh the Rose, the flower of Love from the goddess of Love, Aphrodite. Fossil records show the Rose to be one of the most ancient flowers; more than 35 million years old. Most species are native to Asia, but they are now cultivated around the world. They were in such high demand in the 17th Century that they were considered to be a legal tender and were often used as barter and for payments!

Roses are rich in antioxidants called polyphenols, these antioxidants are thought to reduce heart disease, type 2 diabetes & protect your brain from degenerative diseases. Rose also has probiotic qualities which support healthy gut flora that assist in clearing toxins from the gut.

The variety of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, as well as its volatile oil content make Roses fantastic for dry skin. Its astringent antiseptic properties also combat acne, redness and inflammation.

Rose Magick

Roses have the highest vibration of all flowers. Use in spells, baths, rituals and infusions to bring Love into your life. Burn during meditation to enhance intuition and bring out your confidence.


Herbal Actions: Tonic, Antispasmodic, Calming Nervine, Expectorant, Carminative, Aphrodisiac

Cardamom is part of the same family as Ginger & Turmeric and is a well-known spice especially in Indian cooking. I personally would describe the taste and smell of True Green Cardamom as “mildly spicy, sweet citrus.” Be frugal when using Cardamom in dishes- it can easily overpower other flavors. It's considered one of the most valuable spices in the world- as it should be with its array of therapeutic properties and rich aroma.

Cardamom is a proven aphrodisiac and is rich in cineole which increases blood flow throughout the body. This in turn supports sexual health and assists with erectile disfunction.

The volatile oil content of Cardamom is responsible for most of its medicinal properties. It has an affinity for the digestive system and lungs, so it can strengthen and speed up sluggish digestion and it can get rid of damp mucus stuck in the lungs. It also acts as an effective anti-spasmodic, to relieve intestinal tension and spasms.

Topically, Cardamom has antibacterial properties that heal breakouts and clear out blemishes, resulting in a clear, even complexion.

Cardamom Magick

Burn Cardamom or add to sachets to induce Love or fidelity. It is suggested that chewing on Cardamom seeds before talking to someone will encourage a potential lover. Infuse Cardamom into a ritual bath to promote self-love and inner healing.


Herbal Actions: Antibacterial, Diuretic, Demulcent, Immunomodulator

I was first introduced to Hibiscus in Mexico on vacation where I had a drink called Auga de Jamaica, which is a tangy refreshing blend of Hibiscus, sugar and sometimes limes and mint. I was obsessed from the first sip. Since then, we’ve done some experimenting with the little herb. Did you know that when Hibiscus is soaked and rinsed a few times, the tang goes away, and it makes an excellent replacement for shredded meat in vegan dishes? Don't believe me?! Try this recipe as soon as you get a chance, I swear it’ll blow your mind.

There are studies that show Hibiscus tea reduces cholesterol levels- a risk factor of heart disease. The polyphenols or micronutrients it contains protect the cardiovascular system through supporting mitochondrial function and energy homeostasis.

Please note that Hibiscus is a Diuretic. Meaning it helps support the kidneys and urinary tract by stimulating the elimination of excess fluids. So, it's important to remember to replenish the body by drinking more water!

Topically- Hibiscus’ demulcent action acts as a great moisturizer, giving you supple smooth skin. Its toning abilities also even out the skin tone & cleanse the pores.

Hibiscus Magick

The Hibiscus flowers are often used in Love incense and sachets. Bathe in a Hibiscus infusion to invoke self-love and inner peace. Use Hibiscus infused oil as an anointing oil to assist in rituals, add to potions and dress candles.

Affirmation Magick

Most of the Affirmations I have listed here were given to Mercedez by her Reiki Teacher- Alia, and can be used to assist in balancing the Chakras during Reiki sessions. You can use all of them, or particular ones you’re drawn to when working with the Ace of Cups. Choosing Affirmations that make you feel uncomfortable or inauthentic will be the most beneficial on your journey. I find that Affirmations work best for me when I focus on one at a time, for as long as needed. This could be saying it out loud, in my head, or during meditation every day for weeks, or even months. Once it doesn’t feel foreign or like I'm lying to myself, I know it's integrated and is truly a part of me and how I choose to live my life.

I give and receive love effortlessly and unconditionally.

I am open to love of all kinds.

I forgive myself.

I am wanted and loved.

My feelings and emotions are safe.

It is safe for me to forgive others and allow my heart to heal.


Legal Disclaimers: Cedez Tarot LLC expressly disclaims any and all liability or responsibility for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or other damages arising out of any individuals use of, reference to, reliance on, and information presented on our site. The opinions and statements should in no way be taken as advice or as an indication for future results. Please note that we do not make any medical claims. We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications. If you have a medical condition, please consult your physician. Please read the ingredients listed and do not use any products that you are allergic to. Cedez Tarot LLC and its owners not responsible for any individual reaction to any particular ingredient. If at any time irritation occurs, discontinue use of the product.


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