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Boss Up with the Queen of Pentacles

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

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Embodied energy: Generosity, Dependability, Receptive, Grounded, Connectedness to Nature, Nurture, Independence, Supportive

Who is the Queen of Pentacles?

The Queen of Pentacles is just that B*tch. When I pull this card, I immediately go into a power pose, reassured that I am present, and one with the Earth. She is connected to both Water and Earth, so she is grounded in who she is and connected to nature, while also being in tune with her emotions, offering unconditional love to herself and those around her.

She is not an overly materialistic Queen, but she sure as hell is abundant in all material forms. So, when she shows up in a reading, recognize that you are fulfilled in all things tangible and of the earthly 3D realm i.e., money, career, health.

The Queen of Pentacles is like that one woman who has everything together, all parts of her life, effortlessly fall into place. This is because she’s not trying too hard, she knows herself, accepts herself and will always be a stable, grounded force for those in her life. If you’re asking a question and pull this card, it almost always points to “Yes.” Pulling the Queen of Pentacles is a strong reminder to keep life simple, and to remember that you got all you need right here sis.

Inviting the Queen of Pentacles welcomes in a loving Mom Boss energy. Are you feeling apprehensive about your choices? Like your foundations need fixing? Or maybe you just have zero motivation and you're not sure how to pull yourself out of it. Have no fear, for the Mother is here to help abundance flow your way, & we’re not just talking about money. When you find yourself motivated to start that new workout plan, eat healthier, or engage in deep healing, the Queen of Pentacles is in your presence. She rules over the Svadhisthana (Root) and Manipura (Solar Plexus) Chakras. When these Chakras are balanced, you feel motivated, creative, safe & grounded. She is here to help you create a space that feels safe enough to embody the best version of you that you can be.

Working with Crystal Magick

Crystals are directly from the Earth, so it only makes sense that they're conduits for healing. Although you can’t feel it, they quite literally “vibrate” & emit a range of energizing, positive, uplifting, & calming vibrations to help you achieve a more peaceful, balanced state of being. Each beautiful stone has unique emotional, spiritual, & physical healing properties, so they can support you in all your endeavors while also growing the connection between mind, body, and spirit.

Be sure to cleanse Crystals before working with them. This can be done by burying them, laying them on another cleansing Crystal (like Selenite), doing a smoke cleanse with Palo Santo or another cleansing herb. If you decide to cleanse with water, please make sure that your particular Crystal is water safe.

Here's how you can work with & benefit from the healing energy of Crystals:

*Wear as jewelry

*Hold stone in hand when extra support is needed

*Keep it in your pocket or your bra for all day support

*Use during meditation or yoga

*Place them throughout your spaces with intention (Ex: I keep smoky quartz & red aragonite on my work desk to keep me grounded & to ward off any negative energy)

Crystals that Embody Queen of Pentacles Energy:

Malachite: Known as the “Stone of Transformation,” Invokes courage of emotional expression & wisdom, Clears & absorbs negative energy, Keeps you centered & is protective, Strengthens the Solar Plexus Chakra helping with grounding & release, Removes blocks in the Heart Chakra.

Black Obsidian: Protective, Clears negative emotions & energy within & around you, Strengthens & stimulates the Root Chakra, Assists with the Solar Plexus Chakra by invoking clarity & courage to explore the unknown, Removes energetic attachments, Promotes self-reflection to truly embrace yourself, Anchors you in the body.

Citrine: Boosts optimism & abundance, Promotes feelings of honesty & creativity, Uplifts mood, Helps reduce stress & release feelings of anger, fears & that which does not serve you, Used to manifest financial abundance, Aligns & energizes the Solar Plexus & Root Chakras helping you stay grounded & feel strong in your personal power.

Tigers Eye: Helps grow confidence by unraveling self-limiting beliefs, Supports the Solar Plexus Chakra as helps protect against energy depletion, Removes stress & tension, Helps you stay strong & centered- balanced in emotions & logic, Boosts willpower & emotional stability, Protects from the negative intentions of others.

Smoky Quartz: Activates Root & Solar Plexus Chakras as stone has grounding properties that anchor you to the natural world, Brings stability, Helps remove, dissolve & ward off negative energy, Supports concentration & motivation, Helps clear mind & become more levelheaded, Relieves tension & stress when held, Has protective energies by forming a protective barrier around user.

Working with Herbal Magick

The actions of herbs that heal the physical body often coincide with their essences and heal the spiritual body. Thus, healing you from the inside out. Connecting, working and healing with the help of a plant allies' essence (spiritual property) is what we resonate and connect with deeply. However, the incredible physical benefits of consuming and using plants topically just can't be ignored. Below you'll find a list of herbs with their physical actions, spiritual essences, and magical uses to help you connect with your inner Queen of Pentacles.

All of the herbs listed here can be found in our Queen of Pentacles Organic Handcrafted Herbal Blend.


Herbal Actions: Analgesic, Expectorant, Carminative, Sedative, Antibacterial, Antiviral, Demulcent, Astringent

I was intrigued when I found out Cinnamon sticks came from a tree. The tree is native to humid tropical forests in Sri Lanka & Southwestern India. Cinnamon sticks are actually not sticks at all. They’re quills that are harvested by carefully peeling away the outer bark and cutting a sheet of the inner bark. As the inner bark dries up, it naturally rolls up into the little sticks we're so familiar with. Cinnamon was once VERY expensive, considered an acceptable gift to the gods and given to reigning monarchs, which makes it hard to believe that it's so available and inexpensive today.

Shit learned through experience can make for funny stories later on. I once wanted to create a quick protective shower rinse and decided to make a (too strong) infusion of Cinnamon. I left it in the fridge overnight, not thinking anything of it. The next day I went to pour the infusion over my head in the shower & a slimy gel of Cinnamon water covered my body. I had no idea what happened and thought the Cinnamon was rancid, or worse, I was cursed! This story is just to explain how that day, I discovered that Cinnamon has an amazing demulcent action, which is known to relieve irritation of the mucous membranes and soothes inflammation and irritation - Internally and externally.

Cinnamon water has been used as a traditional healing remedy to treat a cough, the flu, a cold & a sore throat. Its antioxidants/antimicrobial & demulcent effects soothe the throat lining and can fight the virus causing you to feel ill.

For the skin, Cinnamon's astringent properties can plump your skin and make it look more evenly toned. Its antibacterial properties make it great for acne prone skin. I personally love using Cinnamon in my face steams.

Cinnamon Magick

Cinnamon is incredibly protective. Tie together Cinnamon sticks and hang them above your door to shield your home from negative energies and entities. Carry a whole Cinnamon stick with you to places you feel you need extra spiritual protection. Burn Cinnamon to raise vibrations of space & drink Cinnamon tea to raise your internal vibrations.

Ginger Root

Herbal Actions: Cardio Tonic, Digestive, Antispasmodic, Anodyne, Carminative.

Ginger Ale as a cure all for being sick isn't just a marketing scheme for soda companies to get you to drink more. In Ayurveda, Ginger is a superfood, particularly for sluggish digestion, respiration, and your joints.

Ginger tea, tincture, or capsules are our #1 go to when we have an upset stomach, cramps or nausea and we put it in any dish we get the chance to. Ginger also alleviates breathing difficulties related to coughs and colds by clearing phlegm from the lungs.

Ginger Root Magick

Ginger Root is reputable for accelerating spells, or in matters you want to expedite. Use Ginger in success spells or spells to ensure the success of any magical operation. Plant it to attract money or sprinkle powdered Ginger Root into your pockets or wallet. Use Ginger in wells or rituals for banishing.

Orange Peel

Herbal Actions: Antiseptic, Analgesic, Bitter Tonic

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Orange Peel is known to help move Qi (Vital energy) Stagnation. The moving of this stagnation improves digestion, relieves gas & bloating, and rids the body of phlegm.

Orange Peel acts primarily on the respiratory and digestive systems, but it is also amazing for the skin. Due to the tannins Orange Peel has, it works as a great toner. Spritz on your face or bathe in an Orange Peel infusion to revive skin, shrink pores, and promote circulation.

Orange Peel Magick

Throughout history, Oranges have been symbolic of health, happiness and fertility. Add Orange Peel to a sachet and hang on the front door of your house to attract good luck and fortune. Burning Orange Peel as an incense can awaken your senses & increase your divination skills. Orange Peel is also well known in abundance work, so add it to any money spells to increase their strength.

Raspberry Leaf

Herbal Actions: Nutritive Tonic, Astringent

Not only are Red Raspberries delicious and nutritious, but their leaves are also beneficial particularly for vaginal and uterine health. Red Raspberry leaves are high in vitamins and minerals, like Iron, and when taken regularly, are incredibly helpful for those who have painful cramps during menstruation. This high vitamin and mineral availability can also be of assistance after giving birth, to strengthen the uterus, increase milk flow and to balance the hormones.

Its astringent properties can address inflammation in the mouth and can be used as a gargle for mouth ulcers, or a sore swollen throat.

Raspberry Leaf Magick

Hang Raspberry branches above your doors and windows for protection. Raspberry Leaf is commonly used as a component for fertility charms. Bathe in a Raspberry Leaf infusion to reconnect with your creative energies.

Affirmation Magick

Most of the Affirmations I have listed here were given to Mercedez by her Reiki Teacher- Alia, and can be used to assist in balancing the Chakras during Reiki sessions. You can use all of them, or particular ones you’re drawn to when working with the Queen of Pentacles. Choosing Affirmations that make you feel uncomfortable or inauthentic will be the most beneficial on your journey. I find that Affirmations work best for me when I focus on one at a time, for as long as needed. This could be saying it out loud, in my head, or during meditation every day for weeks, or even months. Once it doesn’t feel foreign or like I'm lying to myself, I know it's integrated and is truly a part of me and how I choose to live my life.

I am connected to my body; my body is my home.

I am safe and secure.

I am divinely protected.

I love and accept myself for who I am.

I enjoy being alive.

I am valuable & I treat myself as such.


Legal Disclaimers: Cedez Tarot LLC expressly disclaims any and all liability or responsibility for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or other damages arising out of any individuals use of, reference to, reliance on, and information presented on our site. The opinions and statements should in no way be taken as advice or as an indication for future results. Please note that we do not make any medical claims. We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications. If you have a medical condition, please consult your physician. Please read the ingredients listed and do not use any products that you are allergic to. Cedez Tarot LLC and its owners not responsible for any individual reaction to any particular ingredient. If at any time irritation occurs, discontinue use of the product.


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