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DIY Herbal Mouthwash Recipe

Updated: Jan 11

Herbal Magick represents the transformative and holistic approach to well-being, where we explore the profound connections between our physical health & spiritual vitality. In this blog series, we delve into the synergy of herbal recipes that nurture the body and nourish the spirit, guiding us on a journey to achieve harmony, balance, and a deeper sense of vitality in our lives.

A square clear bottle of herbal mouth wash half filled  with a hand holding it. The background is gray with a spider plant leaf showing.


1 cup of Spearmint, Peppermint, Alfalfa, Clove Tea brewed strong & steeped overnight

14g Fennel Tincture

7g Bee Balm Tincture

7g Oregano Tincture

2 tsp Raw Honey


This recipe is super customizable, feel free to experiment with whatever herbs and extracts you have on hand to match your needs. It keeps about 2 weeks as the extracts act as a preservative. The honey cuts the medicinal taste a bit and has some great added antimicrobial & antibacterial properties.

Herbal Mouthwash Benefits:

Through our mouth our body receives everything it needs, Air, Water, Food. Through our mouth we express ourselves. It is its own little ecosystem that should be nourished as much as we nourish any other part of our body.


Physical: Soothes oral irritation and inflammation. (Anti-inflammatory)

Spiritual: Brings clarity.


Physical:Reduces Oral Bacteria (Anti-microbial)

Spiritual: Carries a revitalizing energy, offers spiritual invigoration.


Physical: A peer reviewed study showed that Alfalfa had more of a remineralizing effect than Fluoride! (Tonic)

Spiritual: Enhances inner balance, fosters a spiritual connection.


Physical: Known for its numbing effect and may help alleviate toothache and oral pain. (Analgesic)

Spiritual: Associated with protection and purification.


Physical: Helps maintain a neutral or slightly alkaline pH in the mouth which helps prevent the acidic conditions that contribute to tooth decay. (Anti-cariogenic)

Spiritual: Linked to clarity of purpose and self-awareness.


Physical:Potent in fighting oral bacterial and preventing bad breath. (Anti-microbial)

Spiritual: Transformation and change.

Bee Balm

Physical: Helps to tighten and tone oral tissues, potentially aiding in gum health. (Astringent)

Spiritual: Attraction and vitality.



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