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  • Whether it's the enchanting spirit of the winter solstice, the transformative energies of spring, or the vibrant celebrations of summer, these incense acts as a catalyst to amplify and align with these significant times. Illuminate your rituals, ceremonies, or simply enhance the atmosphere as you invite in the desired energies and create a sacred space for connection and transformation. 


    • Samhain (October 31st): Create a sacred atmosphere for honoring ancestors and communing with the spirit world.

    • Yule (December 21st): Set intentions for the upcoming year and infuse your space with positive energy and renewed purpose.

    • Imbolc (February 1st): Purify your space and invoke the energy of inspiration and new beginnings as you welcome the return of the light.

    • Ostara (March 20thish): Invite the energies of growth and renewal into your space, symbolizing the awakening of nature and the arrival of spring.