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  • Whether it's the enchanting spirit of the winter solstice, the transformative energies of spring, or the vibrant celebrations of summer, these incense acts as a catalyst to amplify and align with these significant times. Illuminate your rituals, ceremonies, or simply enhance the atmosphere as you invite in the desired energies and create a sacred space for connection and transformation. 


    • Samhain (October 31st): Create a sacred atmosphere for honoring ancestors and communing with the spirit world.

    • Yule (December 21st): Set intentions for the upcoming year and infuse your space with positive energy and renewed purpose.

    • Imbolc (February 1st): Purify your space and invoke the energy of inspiration and new beginnings as you welcome the return of the light.

    • Ostara (March 20thish): Invite the energies of growth and renewal into your space, symbolizing the awakening of nature and the arrival of spring.

    • Beltane (May 1st):Enhance rituals of love, fertility, and abundance, infusing your surroundings with the passionate and vibrant energies of this joyful celebration.

    • Litha (June 20ish): Honor the power of the sun and harness its energy for manifestation, growth, and bringing forth your intentions into the world.

    • Lammas (August 1st): Express gratitude for the bountiful harvest and to amplify the energy of abundance, nourishment, and the cycle of life.

    • Mabon (September 20ish): Create a harmonious and balanced atmosphere, reflecting on the blessings of the harvest and setting intentions for the coming season of introspection and inner growth.

    • Full Moon: Amplify the energies of the full moon creating a sacred space for ritual, release, and heightened intuition.

    • New Moon: Embrace new beginnings allowing for personal growth, intention setting, and inner transformation.

    • Mercury Retrograde: Navigate the introspective period of Mercury retrograde &  promoting clarity, communication, and a sense of calm amidst the cosmic energies.



    These Hand Dipped incense cones are a charcoal base as opposed to wood pulp - this allows for a purer fragrance while burning.  These do NOT use essential oils, but fragrance oils which used are considered "clean scents" by our supplier - this means they are free from carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, organ toxins, acute toxins, phthalates, or any cancer-causing ingredients requiring a Prop-65 warning in California. 



    -This listing includes either one (1) package of fifteen (15) incense cones

    -Size- 1 inch tall 

    -Burn Time: approximately 30 minutes.


    About the Creator: 

    Modern Magix is a queer-owned and operated micro business based in Saco, ME specializing in small-batch, intentionally hand-crafted candles, incense, and metaphysical supplies. We carry a full line of ritual soy candles to accompany your seasonal celebrations throughout the Wheel of the Year, as well as Mercury Retrograde Protections, Spell Candles, and more.

    Instagram: @ModernMagix

    Incense Cones

    • Full Moon

      Sage & Rosemary

      - Fragrance Note Profile -

      Top: Sage, Eucalyptus, Pine

      Middle: Lemon, Rosemary, Green Floral

      Base: Cedar, Sage


      New Moon

      Moonflower Sandalwood

      Top: Nutmeg, Lemon, Agave, Pear

      Middle: Cherry Blossom, Rose, Marine, Cedar

      Base: Amber, Dark Musk, Powder, Sandalwood, Patchouli


      Mercury Retrograde

      Lavender Rain

      - Fragrance Note Profile -

      Top: Citrus, Bergamot, Green Leaves

      Middle: Lavender, Lily of the Valley, Rose

      Base: Camphor, Eucalyptus, Powder, Cedar, Ozone, Sandalwood


      Samhain: Oct 31st

      Dragon Hide

      Mysterious and rich, this is a bewitching combination of classic Dragons Blood with sexy Leather.

      - Fragrance Note Profile -

      Top: Orange, Orange Blossom, Saffron

      Middle: Cedar, Patchouli, Clove, Incense

      Base: Incense, Tonka Bean, Leather, Amber


      Toasted Pumpkin

       A true-to-life pumpkin pie scent with comforting and toasty notes with just the right amount of sweetness.

      -Fragrance Note Profile-

      Top: Ginger, saffron, cloves, fresh pumpkin

      Middle: Cinnamon leaf & bark, brown sugar, molasses, buttercream, pumpkin

      Base: Nutmeg, clove, allspice, vanilla, smoked embers


      Yule: Dec 21st

      Blue Spruce Hearth

      This scent is inspired by cozying up by the fire in front of the Yule Tree, with orange spice scents drifting from the kitchen.

      -Fragrance Note Profile-

      Top: Ginger, orange, pine needles, spearmint, evergreen, spruce

      Middle: Cypress, pine, cinnamon, clove, lemon, cypress

      Base: Vetiver, oakmoss, fir, balsam, cedarwood, sandalwood, moss, musk


      Imbolc: Feb 1st


      -Fragrance Note Profile-

      Top: Eucalyptus, Pine, Peppermint

      Middle: Rosemary, Green Floral, Cedar, Clove

      Base: Cedar, Sage, Powder, Vanilla, Patchouli


      Ostara: March 20(ish)  Spring Equinox

      Spiced Honey

      -Fragrance Note Profile-

      Top: Bergamot

      Middle: Amber, Coriander, Honey

      Base: Dark Musk, Tonka Bean, Oud, Tobacco Leaves


      Beltane: May 1st

      Watermint Clementine

      -Fragrance Note Profile-

      Bright and juicy sunshine citrus balanced by a cooling, green mint.

      Top: Citrus, Basil

      Middle: Orange Peel, Mint, Chamomile

      Base: Agave, Tomato Leaf


      Litha: June 20(ish) Summer Solstice

      Violet Sweetgrass

      -Fragrance Note Profile-

      An accord of fresh-cut grass, garden herbs, and wildflowers.

      Top: Bergamot, Grass

      Middle: Sage, Lavender, Cucumber

      Base: Oakmoss, Violet


      Lammas: Aug 1st


      This summery scent is warm and tropical, reminiscent of tanning oil.

      -Fragrance Note Profile-

      Top: Almond

      Middle: Shea, Coconut, Amber

      Base: Sandalwood, Cedar, Light Musk, Tonka, Wood


      Mabon: Sept 20(ish) Autumn Equinox

      Macintosh Apple

      A true “right-from-the-tree; apple scent, irresistibly mouthwatering and crisp.

      -Fragrance Note Profile-

      Top: Green Leaves, Pear, Mandarin

      Middle: Macintosh Apple, Plum, Apple Blossom

      Base: Musk, Apple Wood, Vanilla Bean

    • Place incense into/on an appropriate incense burner on a heat-resistant surface. Light tip, allow the flame to catch, then gently blow out.

      Burn with care and at your own risk. Keep out of reach of children. Do not eat. Never leave unattended.

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