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  • This deck of 24 cards captures the essence of sacred space and what it means to discover your own sacred space through affirmations and mantras. Created by Local Artist & Life Coach Emily Rose.


    Artist Bio:


    “Emily Rose (she/they) is a creative, curious, queer being, passionate about intentional living and an authentic human experience for all. Her personal journey of healing is rooted in discovering what it means to take up space. Through reclaiming their artistic expression, they leaned into abstract art, which can be seen in their self-published card deck—Sacred Space Affirmation Card Deck. This deck, born from Emily’s own quest for autonomy, offers affirmations and art that inspire you to take up space and discover the sacredness in doing so.”


    Deck Specs:

    -24 full color front and back 

    -1 title card, 22 affirmation cards, 1 create your own affirmation card

    -Size: 3x5, rounded edges

    -Original, hand drawn illustrations + words 

    -Shrink wrapped 



    Sacred Space Affirmation Cards

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