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  • Black Salt, also known as Witch's Salt, is renowned for its protective and purifying qualities. Crafted with utmost care and respect, our Black Salt is infused with a powerful blend of salts, herbs, essential oils, and, most importantly, magick. Sprinkle with intention, wherever needed, invoking its power to shield against unwanted energies. Harness its energy for banishment rituals or infuse it into your personal rituals for added protection.


    Banishing Spell: Before or placing your Salt call upon your spirit guides/Protectors) Light a black or white candle and say something along the lines of the following:


    "I demand that any energy, entities, cords and attachments that do not serve my highest good of unconditional Love, on every plane of existence, and every timeline be banished from this Space, for the highest good of all involved."


    Take a deep breath close your eyes & visualize a white light filling the room and blasting out anything that does not meet your criteria of highest good and unconditional Love, & sprinkle your Salt.


    Finish your spell by stating "This Space is now cleansed Protected, & so it is." Express Gratitude for any assistance you received from your Spirit Team/Protectors.


    This product is NOT suitable for consumption or for your skin. 

    Black Salt

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