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I Have a Question

Have a specific question? This Tarot Reading is for you!

  • 15 minutes
  • 20 US dollars
  • Email

Service Description

POV: You are v. confused and are in need of clarity & direction on a specific situation. You book your appointment and let me know what your question is- Being as vague or specific as you feel necessary. You try to relax, sipping your favorite tea or coffee wondering what your guides have to say about this situation. Finally you receive the email. As you read it you let out a sigh of relief, grateful and realizing that sometimes all you need is another point of view. ***TL;DR: Choose this reading if you have a question you need clarity on.*** About the Sesh/FAQ: This is not a live reading or a questions based reading. Readings will be sent any time between the time you paid for the reading and the day you schedule- via email in PDF format along with a photo of the cards that were pulled. Can Tarot tell the future? Yes, and no. The future is never set in stone and Tarot is a great tool to get a sense of the probabilty of something happening if you continue down the path that you are on. Should I be scared? Absolutely not. A good Tarot Reader will always make you feel comfortable during your session and reassure you of this. Tarot is meant to give you clarity and insight on your current situations, peace with your past and a realistic outlook of the future.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations, refunds & rescheduling are only accepted within 24 hours of purchase.

Contact Details

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