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Choose a Tarot Deck that's Right for You

Everything you read about choosing a tarot deck can be summed up into “Choose your deck Intuitively,” But what does that mean exactly? Before we get into that though lets go over a couple of questions we usually get asked at pop-up events.

“Do I have to be gifted my first deck?”

Short Answer is NO. I did some research and there's not really an origin to this superstition, which is all it actually is. It seems like the belief of this goes back to a time where Tarot Cards were not as widely available as they are now- So decks were most likely passed down like family heirlooms through generations. If you think about it like that it makes sense that readers would believe that these decks with sentimental value held a certain power. If this is something that you believe in, that is PERFECTLY fine, everyone is entitled to their beliefs. I personally believe in the power of choosing to work with something that you choose yourself and resonate with.

“What's the difference between Tarot and Oracle Decks?”

This is another question we get asked often. Standard Tarot Decks have 78 Cards with 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana. Oracle Cards do not follow this system and do not have the same traditional meanings.

Choosing A Deck

Imagery & Theme

When choosing a deck the first thing you'll notice is the imagery. Do you like vibrant colors? An old school style? There are SO many decks out there nowadays, there is literally something for everyone. To test this statement I googled the most random thing I could think of at the time, “Cats in outer space” Sure enough a deck popped up for that!

If you’re a beginner and learning the traditional meanings of the cards, it may be beneficial to choose a deck that is themed in something you’re super familiar with whether that be something like Herbs, Crystals or even your favorite TV show. This familiarity will help you understand the meanings easier because you already have a connection with whatever that theme is.


Something I feel we often overlook is how the deck feels in your hands. Like yes that deck is super cute, but how hard is it to shuffle thick round cards?! It may not seem like a big deal but you’d be surprised how hard it is to center yourself while you're fumbling your deck all over the place.

Experience Level

Maybe you’re thinking "Mercedez that's STILL overwhelming and I have no idea what I would choose.” if thats the case, a classic option is always the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. This deck is very well known and has tons of resources available. What I would not recommend for a beginner is a deck that has super vague imagery that you cannot decipher & has little to do with the actual meaning of the cards.

Final Thoughts

Finding a deck doesn't have to be complicated and it isn't even really "finding." Your deck will choose you as much as you choose it. When you know, you know. EVERYONE has the ability to read Tarot, its not some exclusive club that you have to have credentials to join. Everyone is born with the same internal compass, and some of us are just more in tune with it. Tarot is a tool to help connect with that compass, to trust its navigation, and to make heart spaced decisions without second guessing.


Cedez Tarot creates, curates & promotes Tarot as a tool for self-healing, spiritual alignment & connection with your higher self.


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